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Global Teacher Prize in Ukraine: Zagoriy Foundation awarded the best chemistry teacher


Global Teacher Prize is an international award, annually presented to the best teacher for an outstanding contribution to education. In 2017 Ukrainian NGO Osvitoria signed a memorandum with the founder of the prize Varkey GEMS Foundation and created a national ceremony — Global Teacher Prize Ukraine.

In 2019 Zagoriy Foundation joined the initiative and became a co-sponsor of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine. Furthermore, Zagoriy Foundation founded a special award  

for the best chemistry teacher. The prize is UAH 200 000 — UAH 100 000 to the teacher and UAH 200 000 to the school he or she works in. Co-founders of Zagoriy Foundation Volodymyr and Glib Zagoriy belong to a family of pharmacists. They strongly believe that future scientists should be raised in schools. That is why we should support chemistry teachers who popularize the subject and encourage students to make great progress.

In 2019 Oleksandr Lysych, chemistry teacher from Chornotych village in Chernihiv Region of northern Ukraine, won the prize from our foundation. His students always show the highest results of final exams and are deeply engaged in the subject.    

In 2020 five teachers from all over Ukraine were nominated for the Best Chemistry Teacher prize. The final ceremony took place in Kyiv on October the 3rd. Natalya Zyma, chemistry teacher from Khmelnytsky (town of central Ukraine), received the award. She rejects all out of date methods of teaching and successfully implements modern methods, furthermore, she invents new ones. One of the major concepts of modern education says: “Knowledge is no longer enough. It is most important to know how to use this knowledge in practice”. Therefore, during Natalya’s lessons she explains to students in what way chemistry is connected with our daily life.  

Eugenia Mazurenko, an Executive Director of Zagoriy Foundation says: “Our work is guided by the principle of innovation. That is why we support organizations and people,  who became innovators in their own sphere, and who are constantly improving. All the teachers who are deeply engaged in their work are becoming a driving force of development in our country”.