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Implemented Projects

The Zagoriy Foundation pays special attention to reforms in the field of education and science, supports the preservation of cultural heritage and promotes the development of contemporary art.

Break the Ice of Prejudice — Information Campaign

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Break the Ice of Prejudice — Information Campaign

The information campaign “Break the Ice of Prejudice” is designed to debunk the myths about the charity sector, change public opinion about its activities and draw attention to the systematic work of charitable foundations.

Using specific facts and statistical information, the campaign proves that charitable foundations are essential to eradicate problems and build a systematic work of the sector.

7% of Ukrainians help through charitable foundations. This trend is caused by distrust of charities and foundations and many myths. “If only stereotypes could be transformed into physical form and get neutralized,” the Zagoriy Foundation team thought. That’s how the idea of the “Break the Ice of Prejudice” campaign was born.

Here are some examples. There is a stereotype that it is better to help a person directly than charity. Or that charitable foundations work for the promotion of their owners. Or, for example, that you don’t have to pay for work in charitable foundations because people have to work there at the call of the heart. We debunk these myths at the link (Ukrainian).

Only after we get rid of stereotypes can we build trusting and strong relationships. This is the basis for the development of the non-profit sector.

  • The campaign was launched during the Arsenal Book Festival, where Zagoriy Foundation set up a colossal iceberg symbolizing prejudices and stereotypes about charitable foundations;
  • Outdoor advertising — about 200 placements;
  • Coverage in the media — about 20 mentions.

Fundraising for the purchase of medical devices

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Fundraising for the purchase of medical devices

The Zagoriy Foundation and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange announce a nationwide fundraiser to purchase medical devices.

Zagoriy Foundation and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange announce a nationwide fundraiser to purchase breathing machines and other medical equipment. Every Ukrainian can contribute and help provide hospitals with the necessary to fight the coronavirus.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, breathing machines are helping to save the lives of patients with severe complications. The all-Ukrainian fundraising aims to purchase 50 breathing machines and other medical devices and install them in Ukrainian hospitals.

We are talking about the breathing machines made in the USA of the following models:

  • VELA — the cost of one set is USD 26 940.00
  • Bellavista 1000 — the cost of one set is USD 32 570.00
  • AVEA — the cost of one set is USD 39 700.00

They will help doctors save lives during and after the epidemic.

The contribution was to be made on the campaign page. 100% of the funds raised went to achieve the goal. Foundations do not charge commissions for the processing, maintenance, and implementation of a charity project. The campaign ran through the Ukrainian Charity Exchange platform, the Zagoriy Foundation co-financed the purchase and provided logistics.

“We believe that humanity must win at all times. The society is facing a challenge in the form of an epidemic, so we need to unite, raise funds and install devices in different parts of Ukraine,» — said Evgeniia Mazurenko, director of the Zagoriy Foundation.

“Our goal is straightforward and achievable — to unite the efforts of thousands of people and representatives of responsible business to raise funds for the purchase of modern medical equipment in Ukrainian hospitals. Now, more than ever, Ukraine needs the joint action of all people because only together can we defeat the COVID-19 epidemic. Only by uniting can we ensure that our relatives and friends in any part of Ukraine receive emergency medical care on time and that doctors can perform their work effectively and save lives. Together, we can do more than alone,” — commented Iryna Gutsal, the Ukrainian Charity Exchange director.

Center Anne de Kyiv


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Center Anne de Kyiv

The Zagoriy Foundation has made a significant charitable contribution to the restoration of the Church of Saints Boris and Glib in the French city of Sanlis, as well as to the construction of the Center Anne de Kyiv. Since its founding in 2013, the Center has been actively disseminating information about Ukraine and its famous Queen Anna Yaroslavna, as well as working to become an influential platform for discussing current global changes and challenges.

Together with European intellectuals, scholars and journalists, the cultural center raises issues of concern to modern Europe and the world: combating hybrid threats, society’s tolerance of migration, a dynamic community of volunteers and more. Through cultural, artistic, scientific and educational projects, as well as scholarship programs, the Center encourages a rethinking of European identity in the 21st century.

Zagoriy Foundation assisted the Center in organizing the annual charity gala “Anna Kyivska. The Third Millennium”, which took place on June 23, 2020 on the territory of the National Reserve St. Sophia of Kyiv.

Project results:

  • established a permanent partnership with Center Anne de Kyiv in France for its development and promotion

The total support budget:

  • ~ 450,000 UAH

Rehabilitation of the future


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Rehabilitation of the future

«Rehabilitation of the future» is a comprehensive program to introduce a new modern model of rehabilitation medicine following European best practices. Zagoriy Foundation supported the Kuzmin Brothers Foundation in building a network of rehabilitation centers for anti-terrorist operation veterans in Ukraine. At the invitation of the Zagoriy Foundation, Israeli physiotherapist Adam Badir from the Assuta Reaction Clinic visited Ukraine. He provided guidance on work organization, recruitment, and equipment procurement, which helped improve understanding of operational needs and optimize the design of rehabilitation centers.

Project results:

  • Two rehabilitation centers in Zhytomyr and Kyiv were renovated

Part of the necessary equipment was purchased for the center in Zhytomyr (in particular, the MOTOMED simulator for the restoration of the musculoskeletal system)

The total support budget

  • ~ 950,000 UAH