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Current and previous grant competitions

Current and previous grant competitions

Грантовий конкурс «Діти та благодійність: конкурс мінігрантів до ініціативи #ЩедрийВівторокКоженВівторок»

Description of the competition
Zagoriy Foundation проводить щорічний конкурс мінігрантів в рамках руху #ЩедрийВівторок.

Цього року наш конкурс є частиною ініціативи #ЩедрийВівторокКоженВівторок, її мета – наголосити на важливості робити добрі справи систематично та регулярно протягом року.

З нагоди Міжнародного дня захисту дітей, який щорічно відзначається 1 червня, фокусом цих мінігрантів є саме діти. Конкурс направлений на поширення ідеї робити добрі справи та виховання культури благодійності серед дітей та молоді.
The purpose of the competition
Activation of organizations working with children to spread the ideas of charity culture and popularize the culture of helping children.
Topics of the competition
Involvement of children in charity

The topic involves the implementation of projects aimed at implementing charitable initiatives with the participation of children and informing children in an interesting way about the need to do good deeds.

Promotion of the culture of helping children

The topic includes projects that inform, promote, develop a culture of care and directly implement assistance to organizations that support children.

Dates of acceptance of requests:

from May 12 to June 1, 2021 inclusive (23:59)

Announcement of results: June 21, 2021.

Submit a non-competitive request

Zagoriy Foundation opens opportunities for institutions and organizations to submit non-competitive proposals for charitable assistance for charitable, social and cultural projects.

The topics of the announced grant contests do not cover all the areas that the Zagoriy Foundation supports within its strategy. If you have an interesting project idea that corresponds to the values and activities of the Zagoriy Foundation, but do not see the relevant open contests — you can submit an idea to us for consideration.

The Foundation considers all proposals of a social, charitable or cultural nature. Preference will be given to those projects that meet the priorities of the Fund, which are the values of the Fund and the founding family, in particular:
• The Culture of Charitable Giving
• Development of patronage
• Culture support

Request processing time: up to 2 months
Who can apply?
Non-profit organizations registered in Ukraine in accordance with applicable law and included in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations. Namely: charitable, public, religious organizations, including leagues, unions, associations, charitable foundations and international charitable foundations that are officially registered in Ukraine; State structures, educational institutions and communal institutions of cultural and educational directions.
Who can't apply?
Support is not provided to individuals, entrepreneurs, government agencies, political parties (or charitable foundations associated with political forces) and non-registered initiatives

Previous competitions

AntiCovid-19 competition

April 1 – April 24, 2020
The amount of support is 1 821 423,89 UAH

The AntiCovid-19 grant competition is designed to raise resources to counter the pandemic and support projects aimed at protecting people from the virus, updating and supporting the communities during the pandemic.

Winners of the competition
The amount of funding is 295 000,00 UAH
Educational project “Peculiarities of functioning of the emergency healthcare system in the conditions of COVID-19 outbreak”

Promoting the improved provision of emergency healthcare and resuscitation for victims and patients both in normal conditions and in emergencies: development of a series of lectures, guidelines and curricula for course instructors (manual printed and sent to 23 regional resource centers of emergency healthcare), providing training to 45 instructors, creating an online platform with training materials and tests.

The amount of funding is 251 400,00 UAH
Project “Coronavirus: initiatives that provide psychological support to those who are tired”

Psychological counseling and support groups to reduce social tension, assist in the development of coping strategies and psychological resilience of people in self-isolation, quarantine, observation and health workers who provide healthcare during the pandemic in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. A total of 1,201 consultations were provided to 753 persons and 24 group consultations were conducted for 192 persons.

Project “Available information on Covid-19 challenges for people with mental disabilities in easy-to-read language”

The project created information messages in easy-to-read language for people with mental disabilities.

The amount of funding is 298 600,00 UAH
Project “Communities against COVID-19: how to live further in a pandemic?”

The project developed and disseminated a series of 10 information materials to promote COVID-19 success stories and best practices at the local level, as well as to disseminate important information to citizens. An electronic multimedia guide «How to Live in a Pandemic: Models and Solutions for Communities» has also been developed and made available.

The amount of funding is 294 000,00 UAH
Project “Anti-crisis program of the Warm City”

Launch of the Anti-Crisis Fund in Ivano-Frankivsk to collect needs and close requests from medical institutions, produce personal protective equipment, provide targeted assistance to vulnerable groups, online podcasts on Urban Space Radio, information campaign, business support.

The amount of funding is 18 512,00 UAH
Project “Affordable education for every child”

Providing 55 orphans, children from single-parent families and children with disabilities from 18 families in Volyn region with computer equipment for distance learning.

The amount of funding is 363 921,89 UAH
Project “Call Center #Vartozhyty for cancer patients”

Establishment of a call center for cancer patients who do not cope with the conditions they found themselves in due to the coronavirus pandemic and need urgent care. Developing a course and providing training to 45 psychologists to set up a psychological care headquarters.

GivingTuesdayNOW Competition

April 9 – April 15, 2020
The amount of support is 124 537,80 UAH

The grant program #GivingTuesdayNOW is designed to promote the Day of Good Deeds – the initiative #GivingTuesday and the importance of helping every day. This has become especially relevant and important with the onset of the global pandemic, when non-governmental organizations face new challenges and difficulties in their work, and more and more people need help.

Winners of the competition
The amount of funding is 24 897,80 UAH
Project «3D printing of protective masks for doctors against COVID-19 on 3D printers»

3D printing of 596 protective masks for doctors against COVID-19 on 3D printers.

Organization NGO "Resource Center for Civic Initiatives"
The amount of funding is 24 940,00 UAH
Good Neighbors Project

Conducting an information campaign and mobilizing civic neighborhood movement for protection of the rights of vulnerable populations of the city of Mykolaiv during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine. Targeted assistance was provided to cover 60 requests from the elderly and persons with disabilities; a local database of volunteers was created.

Project «Receive consultations online»

Providing online psychological counseling for 55 families from 17 regions of Ukraine that raise children and young people with autism who have sought help due to deterioration of children’s condition during the lockdown (about 200 persons).

Project «Association of Drohobych community in the joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences»

Conducting a charity online lottery involving more than 200 Internet users. Distributinng about 30 hot lunches; fifty families received targeted assistance, which included food, chemicals, and personal protective equipment.

GivingTuesday (September 22 to October 13, 2020)

Project «Platform of Good Deed for the community of Pervomaisk: Fighting COVID-19 together!»

Creation of an Internet platform for providing information services to people (in particular, to vulnerable groups) of Pervomaisk who suffer the aftermaths of quarantine. Providing targeted assistance in the form of social food packages, masks for 100 persons who come from vulnerable groups.

Competition on innovative ideas for development of the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine

August 1 – September 7, 2020
The amount of support is 1 381 450 UAH

The competition is aimed at supporting creative ideas for development of the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine by launching training curricula, information campaigns, new approaches to charity and involving people in charity.

Winners of the competition
The amount of funding is 291 110 UAH
Project “History of the those who care”

Promoting historical memory on social philanthropic practices through the production and distribution of videos and graphics about prominent philantropists of Ukraine and their achievements.

The amount of funding is 300 000 UAH
Project “Friends of Dzherelo. Developing a community of philanthropists”

Increasing trust in charity among young people in Lviv and the Western region by implementing a communication campaign to raise regular small contributions for the benefit of children and youth with disabilities at Dzherelo Center.

The amount of funding is 298 600 UAH
Project “Trendsetters of Ukrainian charity: a special project about the charity leaders”

Creation of a special media project about the leaders of Ukrainian charity in the format of interviews and photo stories.

Charitable Services Project

Training for dentists and hairdressers who want to provide services to people with autism and intellectual disabilities. The project entails further support of institutions and provision of sensor equipment for customer service.

Project “50 Good Deeds”

Development and distribution of a scratch map 50 Good Deeds among 1,500 children to promote the habit of doing good deeds regularly and positive motivation for charity in children aged 6-11 years.

Minigrants competition #GivingTuesday

September 22 – October 13, 2020
The amount of support is - 164 702 UAH

#GivingTuesday grant competition is aimed at supporting the most promiment activities on the international Good Deeds Day.

Winners of the competition
The amount of funding is 33 780 UAH
Project “Give an hour”

Mobilisation and involvement of community resources for psychological and social assistance to families with a child with a severe or incurable disease through the implementation Give an hour project.

The amount of funding is 25 000 UAH
Project Information campaign “Get a tattoo – donate blood”

Busting the myths associated with donation and tattoos. Involving people who have tattoos in regular donations.

The amount of funding is 4 832 UAH
Project «A drop of good makes a change to the world»

Carrying out charitable master classes for children who visit Children’s and Youth Social Center at Charitable Foundation Caritas-Lviv and other interested children to paint 60 cup holders and express words of support to children undergoing treatment of different diseases. The aim of the project is to show children that joining charity is useful and enjoyable.

The amount of funding is 21 090 UAH
Project “Do good, bro”

Increasing the level of the culture of charitable giving in high school children in Dnipro by holding a contest of videos of good deeds.

Project “Have a different look at the elderly”

Conducting an online photo exhibition of portraits of the elderly and a series of interviews to highlight the main problems and stereotypes faced by the elderly in everyday life.

The amount of funding is 25 000 UAH
Project “Hurry up to do good with the Red Cross”

Development of culture of charitable giving through involvement of 105 children from families in difficult life circumstances in the action Hurry to do good with the Red Cross. Conducting a series of art-therapeutic classes for these children and raising charitable funds for the needs of children.

Project “Training course #SmiletoFuture: Artist or Designer?"

Launch of software development and design courses for groups of teenagers with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

Project “Charitable multi-genre arts festival-competition for gifted children and youth from rural areas “Z dobrym sertsem” (With a Kind Heart)

Conducting an arts festival-competition “Z dobrym sertsem” for children of the community, including children from families in difficult life circumstances.