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Our Activities in 2015-2019

We are delighted to share our success stories! Over the last 5 years Zagoriy Foundation has implemented a number of projects as well as provided support to the most impactful charitable initiatives.

Since 2015, Zagoriy Foundation has been consistently implementing charitable projects that create real change in Ukraine in the areas the family is personally enthusiastic about.

The total amount of funds Zagoriy family donated to charitable projects in 2015-2019 is~34 mln UAH

The Culture of Charitable Giving

  • Implemented 9 projects
  • Invested ~ 5.5 mln UAH
  • GivingTuesday, 2018-2019

    In 2018, our Foundation initiated Giving Tuesday – the all-Ukrainian day of good deeds, where we provided organizational and promotional support for the movement jointly with our partner organisations – The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum, Tabletochki Charitable Foundation and Dobrodiy Club Charitable Organization.

    Overall budget:~ 1.5 mln UAH
  • Charitable Giving Research, 2017-2019

    Through 2017-2018, Zagoriy Foundation has conducted three pieces of research that helped to reveal public perception and attitude towards charitable giving, volunteering activities and charitable organizations. The research covered all regions of Ukraine. The research findings were distributed to charitable organizations to unite efforts towards the improvement of philanthropy in Ukraine.

    Overall budget:~ 1.27 mln UAH
  • Charitable Giving Through Camera Lens Photo Contest, 2015-2019

    For nine consecutive years, Zagoriy Foundation has been acting as the organizational partner of all-Ukrainian photo contest, aimed at raising public awareness of the world’s best practices of charitable giving.

    Overall budget:~300 000 UAH
  • Supporting Family Foundations, 2019

    Zagoriy Foundation has initiated support programme for family foundations, which may become potential internal donors for social changes in Ukraine. The programme provides supervision of 20-30 organizations to enhance foundations’ institutional capacity building through organizing a variety of specialised training courses for their management and staff.

    Overall budget:~400 000 UAH
  • BLAGO Project in Cooperation with Economica + Publishing House, 2017-2018

    BLAGO is an initiative aimed at promoting charitable giving in the society, which Zogoriy Foundation implemented with the support of Economica + Publishing House.

    Overall budget:~ 1.25 mln UAH
  • Tomorrow_2037 Conference 2018

    Tomorrow_2037 is a platform for savvy and creative teenagers, who make significant changes in the world through sharing their ideas and discoveries.

    Overall budget:~250 000 UAH
  • Voїny Project, 2018

    Zagoriy Foundation provided support to Dobrovoltsi NGO in organizing a run to remember that took place on June 25, 2018 in Kyiv. In total 360 locals and guests visiting Kyiv commemorated those who were killed defending Ukraine.

    Overall budget:~18 000 UAH
  • Library of Freedom, 2017

    Within the framework of Library of Freedom reading programme, Zagoriy Foundation supported the translation and Ukrainian release of the books written by world’s renowned authors-economists, previously unknown to the Ukrainian readers: “Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future” by Johan Norberg, “Self-Control or State Control? You Decide” by Tom G.Palmer and “A Capitalism for the People” by Luigi Zingales.

    Overall budget:~270 000 UAH
  • Charitable Auction to Support GoCamp2017, 2016

    Zagoriy Foundation organized a charitable auction to support GoCamp2017 ‒ the largest educational and cultural project that engages English-speaking volunteers from all over the world to teach school students in Ukraine.

    Overall budget:~200 000 UAH


  • Implemented 14 projects
  • Invested ~27.5 UAH
  • Business Course for Participants of Аnti-Terrorist Operation and Joint Forces Operation, 2018-2019

    Zagoriy Foundation supported Kyiv School of Economics in designing a business course for participants of Anti-Terrorist Operation and Joint Forces Operation. Over 100 veterans and volunteers gained knowledge about the basics of finance, marketing, team building, organization strategy, sales processes and logistics. Using their new skills, the participant were able to develop their own business plans.

    Overall budget:~ 6.35 mln UAH
  • Ukrainian Catholic University Scholarship Programme, 2015-2019

    Zagoriy Foundation has implemented UCU development programme by providing scholarships to top UCU students and supporting the University activities in Lviv and Kyiv.

    Overall budget:~ 5.5 mln UAH
  • The Angels Exhibition, 2019

    A large-scale art project that focused on studying and tracking down angels phenomenon from the times of Ancient Greece and Rome to the mass culture of the present days. For three months, the visitors could enjoy over 400 unique displays of angels from private and public collections.

    Overall budget:~ 1.3 mln UAH
  • Centre Anne de Kyiv, 2016-2019

    Zagoriy Foundation has made a major contribution to the restoration project of Borys and Hlib Church in Senlis, France as well as construction of Centre Anne de Kyiv.

    Overall budget:~450 000 UAH
  • The UCU School of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017-2019

    Since 2016, Zagoriy Foundation has been supporting the UCU School of Rehabilitation Medicine by providing top quality educational programme for rehabilitation medicine specialists and contributing to the development of the best European rehabilitation practice in Ukraine.

    Overall budget:~ 6.3 mln UAH
  • Rehabilitation Facilities of the Future, 2016-2019

    Zagoriy Foundation provided support to Kuzminy Brothers Fund in building a chain of rehabilitation centers for ATO veterans. Rehabilitation Facilities of the Future is a complex programme on implementing new contemporary model of rehabilitation medicine based on best European practice.

    Overall budget:~950 000 UAH
  • Modern Hospital, 2017-2018

    In 2017, Zagoriy Foundation purchased medical supplies and equipment for Dubny Central District Hospital in Rivne Region. In 2018 within the framework of Queue Free Appointment project, Zagoriy Foundation purchased the equipment for Okhmadyt National Children Hospital in Kyiv.

    Overall budget:~1.2 mln UAH
  • Donated Blood Programme, 2016-2018

    Within the framework of Donated Blood project – a complex hospital-based programme of Transfusiology Department by the Center For Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Ukraine, Zagoriy Foundation provided support by arranging purchase of blood plasma and red blood cells freezers.

    Overall budget:~ 2.5 mln UAH
  • Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History, 2016-2018

    Zagoriy Foundation supported the establishment of Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History – the first interactive programme that introduces Ukrainian to the traditions of national costume making as well as encourages the development of contemporary Ukrainian fashion. Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History also serves as a creative space for organizing pop-up exhibitions, educational and theme events and research projects in fashion industry.

    Overall budget:~600 000 UAH
  • The World Art. Ukrainian Contribution, 2016-2018

    Zagoriy Foundation supported a project that focuses on the promotion of book publishing in Ukraine and the development of Ukrainian literary and art community abroad. Rodovid Publishing House jointly with History and Art Research Center became trusted partners for Zagoriy Foundation in implementing this project. Since 2016, nine books about art have been published in Ukrainian.

    Overall budget:~700 000 UAH
  • Supporting Ukrainian Book Publishing, 2018

    Zagoriy Foundation supported publishing of The Line – a book by Mukola Malyshko, a Ukrainian sculptor, artist and illustrator. This truly unique book combines text materials and visual pieces, including photographs of exhibits, sketches and family photo archive.

    Overall budget:~150 000 UAH
  • Ukraine is Where We Are Forum, 2018

    Zagoriy Foundation acted as one of the event organizers of the first international forum for volunteers and veterans called Ukraine is Where We Are that took place in August 2018 at Mystetskyi Arsenal Art and Culture Complex.

    Overall budget:~130 000 UAH
  • I Can Save a Life!, 2015-2017

    I Can Save a Life! – is an all-Ukrainian educational project for school students that teaches the basics of first pre-medical aid to prevent premature mortality in Ukraine. Zagoriy Foundation supported the project implemented by Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health. The project involved medical instructors from Ukrainian Paramedic Group under the patronage of Maryna Poroshenko.

    Overall budget:~500 000 UAH
  • Eneyida Project. Visual Story of the Epic Poem, 2017

    On 24 August 2017, the National Art Museum of Ukraine with the support of Zagoriy Foundation launched a major exhibition called Eneyida Project. It accumulated around 200 art pieces including illustrations, easel paintings and graphics, theater posters and cartoon animation, photographic and video footage and books containing visuals of the epic poem by Ivan Kotlyarevskyi.

    Overall budget:~600 000 UAH