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The Culture of Charitable Giving

“Who stands behind this” — information campaign

“Who stands behind this”: Zagoriy Foundation launched an information campaign on prominent Ukrainian philanthropists.

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“Who stands behind this” — information campaign

Many things perceived as an integral part of our cultural heritage, were created due to the philanthropists’ total support. In different historical periods, especially when Ukrainians did not have their state, philanthropists have become the “guardians” of Ukrainian culture and national identity. In our latest informational campaign, we decided to share their stories and to remind all their great deeds.  

We created an interactive communication within the “Who stands behind this” project. First of all, we had written fascinating stories about philanthropists from 16th to 20th century. Then we placed outdoor ads near the famous buildings connected with particular philanthropists. There was a QR code on a billboard leading to the story on the bit.ua website.   

Among the heroes of the project you could find: Andrey Sheptytsky — Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church; Halshka Hulevychivna — one of the founders of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; Lazar Brodsky — sugar magnate, philanthropist and patron; Varvara and Bohdan Khanenko — founders of The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts; Eugen Chykalenko — patron of Ukrainian education, press, literature and others.  

We strongly believe that our campaign could raise awareness about great philanthropists from the past and motivate people to join charitable practices and contribute to society.   

What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?

«What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?» — the research by Zagoriy Foundation.

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What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?

The latest nationwide survey «What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?» initiated by Zagoriy Foundation and conducted by the research company Socioinform reveals new interesting facts about motivation for charitable giving.
According to the survey, about 70% of Ukrainians are driven by compassion for those who need their help.

What does motivate Ukrainians for charity”? What are the most popular reason for non-participation in charitable giving? What kind of people are interested in the third sector work?

Most often, Ukrainians join charity with their money. According to the survey, 88% respondents have experience of providing assistance in form of monetary donations. The second most popular way for Ukrainians is in-kind assistance — giving food, clothing, medicines, etc.

Eugenia Mazurenko, the executive director at Zagoriy Foundation: The results of the survey has shown gradual changes in public opinion toward charitable giving. Ukrainians tend to perceive charity giving the way Western European societies do. Charitable giving has become a common practice for all Ukrainians.

See the research findings here.

Trust in charitable organizations in Ukraine

Zagoriy Foundation presents the research «Trust in charitable organizations in Ukraine»

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Trust in charitable organizations in Ukraine

Nowadays Ukrainians perceive charitable giving as something positive. It is seen as extremely important and demanded activity. Therefore, charity organization should have a strong social support.

What does the situation actually look like?
The result of our recent research reveals a low level of trust and a lack of transparency in a charity sector.

Zagoriy Foundation presents the report “Trust in charitable organizations in Ukraine” conducted by SocioInform, a Ukrainian Centre for Public Opinion Studies.

Do Ukrainians trust in the “third sector” and what is an image of charitable giving in a modern society?

See the research findings here.

Raising Funds for the Purchase of 50 Breathing Machines

Zagoriy Foundation and Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace announce a nationwide fundraising campaign that focuses on procurement and supply of essential 50 breathing machines to Ukrainian hospitals.

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Raising Funds for the Purchase of 50 Breathing Machines

Everyone can donate to help equip Ukrainian hospitals with breathing machines to fight Coronavirus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, breathing machines save lives of the patients with serious complications.

Our aim is to purchase 50 breathing machines from USA, deliver them to Ukraine and supply them to the hospitals.

We look into purchasing the following breathing machines produced in the USA:

VELA — the cost of a full kit is USD 26940.00
Bellavista 1000 — the cost of a full kit is USD 32570.00
AVEA — the cost of a full kit is USD 39700.00

We will deliver breathing machines to Ukraine as soon as the transport connection between the USA and Europe is renewed. The estimated delivery date is the end of May 2020. This medical equipment will save people’s lives during the epidemics and after it.

Please follow the link to donate.

All donations will specifically go to this cause. There are no charges or admin fees to participate in this charitable project. The campaign uses Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace online platform. Zagoriy Foundation will top up the funding and provide logistics support.

“We believe that humanity has always been the way forward. Our society is facing a tough challenge these days. So, now is the time we get together to raise funding to equip hospitals all over Ukraine with the breathing machines”. Eugenia Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation.

“We have a simple and achievable goal – join efforts of thousands of people and responsible business representatives to purchase modern medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals. Ukraine has never seen the urgent need of coordinating efforts from so many people like it does these days. It is only by acting as one we can overcome COVID-19 epidemics and ensure that our friends and families get the required medical aid in all regions of Ukraine, while doctors can do their job on saving people’s lives. We can do so much more when we act together”.Iryna Gutsal, Director of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace.

Open Letter from Eugenia Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation

Zagoriy Foundation’s areas of focus during COVID-19 pandemic

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Open Letter from Eugenia Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation

Dear colleagues and friends,

As I am writing this letter, the world keeps changing every minute. Humankind is facing a new challenge these days. The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has already affected and continues to affect various regions of the world, targeting the most vulnerable groups of people.

Charitable giving has never been so important! It is vital to unite to make a difference in the face of the virus and extend the giving beyond the support that comes from charitable foundations, companies and donors. Charitable giving today is about each and everyone; charitable giving is a story that unites us all. Giving today is not about donations alone, it is about resolving difficult issues that may affect the next generations.

In this unprecedented time, the mission of Zagoriy Foundation remains unchanged – we will continue developing and promoting the culture of charitable giving and enhancing trust towards the charitable sector using those activities that enable us to do our work effectively and efficiently.

However, today we are facing the new realities. Zagoriy Foundation is adjusting 2020 operational plans and is cancelling the scheduled public events and put on hold the launch of educational, and art programmes until further notice. From now on, the activities of Zagoriy Foundation will focus on two areas: the development of the culture of charitable giving and the prevention of the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine. These are the directions, which we tend to invest all our efforts into.

With this in mind Zagoriy Foundation implements a number of measures to:

  • Provide support and coordinate activities to supply hospitals in Ukraine with required medical equipment and supplies;
  • Provide direct support to Ukrainian hospitals;
  • Launch public information campaigns to prevent the spread of COVID-19;
  • Provide grants to support Ukrainian charitable foundations – detailed information will follow soon.

Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something even better. Love and compassion can change the world, so let’s unite our efforts!

Today every one of us has an essential role to play in slowing the spread of the new coronavirus. Please stay calm, follow recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and stay well!

Sincerely, Eugenia Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation

New Approaches to Charitable Giving Conference: Outcomes

On 19 February 2020, with support of Zagoriy Foundation a major conference for representatives of charitable sector took place in Kyiv.

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New Approaches to Charitable Giving Conference: Outcomes

Asha Curran, a Co-Founder of #GivingTuesday – the global charitable movement paid her visit to Ukraine. She chaired two talk sessions where she shared insights on how to enhace performance of non-profit projects and what the third sector workers can do to develop their initiatives and benefit the society.

Within the framework of the Conference we presented findings of “Charitable Activity in Ukraine: Internal View” research and ran a panel discussion involving representatives of business companies, media and charitable sector. Borys Davydenko, Editor in Chief of Liga.Net moderatored the discussion.

Each participant had an opportunity to take part in four free workshops.

The workshops were presented by:

  • Yuriy Marchenko, Editor of Platfor.Ma online publication, who shared his insights on how to develop communication with media to promote your initiatives.
  • Maria Banko, Marketing Director of Dima Borisov Family Restaurants, who talked about their charitable projects and supporting business and who shared her experience in building partnership between business companies and charitable sector for good cause.
  • Olga Sytnyk, Operations Director of Postmen Agency shared her experience in successful use of social networks to promote civic initiatives.
  • Daria Gerasimchuk, Executive Director of Vidchui NGO shared her insights on how to run successful fundraising campaigns and activities.

The participants of #GivingTuesday, an all-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds came down from all regions of Ukraine to share their success stories and to meet their peers in person. Thank you all for your participant and we look forward to our fruitful cooperation in the future.



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Making Ukraine Ready for the Future!

#MEETheFUTURE – is an ongoing cycle of learning sessions, initiated and continuously supported by Zagoriy Foundation.

What is the project objective? We want to introduce proactive business-oriented Ukrainians to global economic, social, technologic, cultural, psychological and media trendsetters.

Target audience of #MEETheFUTURE: Businessmen, politicians, heads of state owned enterprises, media representatives, civic and cultural activists.

Find out more here: meethefuture.com

Giving Tuesday


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Giving Tuesday


In 2018, our Foundation initiated Giving Tuesday – the all-Ukrainian day of good deeds, where we provided organizational and promotional support for the movement jointly with our partner organizations – The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum, Tabletochki Charitable Foundation and Dobrodiy Club Charitable Organization. Giving Tuesday is a global initiative that promotes charitable giving and volunteering around the globe. A number of events, activities and workshops took place on 27 November 2018 all over Ukraine to raise public awareness and encourage people to do good and participate in charitable giving projects.

Project Performance:

  • 15 cities covered (including 1 million+ population cities like Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro)
  • 330 partners
  • 10 000+ participants of the events
  • 130 initiatives
  • Overall budget ~1.5 mln UAH

BLAGO Project
in Cooperation with
Economica + Publishing House


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BLAGO Project
in Cooperation with
Economica + Publishing House

BLAGO is the name of the initiative aimed at promoting charitable giving in the society. The initiative was implemented with the support of Economica + Publishing House.   

Project Results:

  • ~4500 people have read a limited published edition of Blago Dictionary,
  • ~100 people participated in Blago Marathon
  • ~12000 people have read Blago Marathon online materials
  • Blago breakfast talk was organized where we discussed the development of personal values in charitable giving and building the culture of charitable giving within families
  • ~34000 views of interview series with philanthropists called 10% for Good Deeds
  • Overall budget ~1.25 mlnUAH