Culture of Art

A prosperous state and society are always the result of a harmonious combination of the preservation of cultural heritage, desire for innovation, and courage in creativity. That is why the development and promotion of the Ukrainian literary and artistic environment and research of national cultural traditions are always among the priorities of our Foundation.

Ukrainian Institute of Fashion history

The Zagoriy Family Foundation supported founding of the “Ukrainian Institute of Fashion history” - a complex interactive project presenting traditions of folk costumes to modern Ukrainians and promoting evolution of modern Ukrainian fashion.

Anne of Kiev Cultural Centre

Anne Yaroslavna is a Kyiv princess whose name is a part of European history

“KAZIMIR MALEVICH: Kyiv period of 1928-1930” album

This year the Foundation is supporting a publishing project “KAZIMIR MALEVICH: Kyiv period of 1928-1930” which adds some new and unique pages to the history of Ukrainian art.