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Charitable Activity in Ukraine: 2015-2017


We are delighted to present the findings of Activities of Charitable Organizations and Charitable Practice in Ukraine – a research conducted in early 2018 by the request of Zagoriy Foundation.

200 charitable organizations and 1000 Ukrainians aged 18+ participated in 20-minute long face-to-face interviews for the purpose of this research.

The research findings were divided into two categories. The first category presents the analysis of the operational structure of charitable organizations in Ukraine in 2015-2017. The data received shows the number of charitable organizations in Ukraine, their areas of focus, most common sources of funding and fundraising specifics in those organizations.

The second category presents the analysis of Ukrainians’ participation in charitable and volunteer projects throughout 2017. The research enables to understand the specifics of charitable and volunteer practice in Ukraine and what categories of people are likely to receive support, how and what drives Ukrainians to participate in charitable giving and what holds them back in doing so.

The research was conducted by Corestone Group and GfK Ukraine.