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Charitable Activity in Ukraine: Internal View


Zagoriy Foundation is delighted to present the findings of the research Charitable Activity in Ukraine: Internal View. The research based on opinion survey from employees of the charitable organizations as well as other professionals who closely cooperate with charitable sector in Ukraine.

The research results were based on data from in-depth interviews and structured online surveys.

The research findings reveal the perception and the current state of charitable giving as viewed by employees of the charitable sector and external experts. The research also present the key features of the sector’s institutionalisation as well as respondents’ attitude towards the performance of charitable foundations.


The present research is the second phase of the charitable sector research in Ukraine conducted after Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians research.

Charitable Activity in Ukraine: Internal View will help representatives of charitable organizations understand how to enhance their performance, gain trust from beneficiaries while securing support from companies, media and the government. Corporate and private philanthropists, donor organizations and government authorities will also benefit from the data provided.

The research was conducted from October to December 2019 by SocioInform, a Ukrainian Centre for Public Opinion Studies by the request of Zagoriy Foundation.