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Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians: What is It Like in 2019?


We are delighted to present the findings of the research Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians, conducted from June to August 2019 by the request of Zagoriy Foundation.

We have studied charitable sector in Ukraine using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods of research. We ran 10 focus groups discussions and a nationwide questionnaire survey involving 2 000 people.

The present report gives an overall analysis of the charitable giving in Ukraine explaining the key trends and revealing bottlenecks as well as opportunities for potential growth. The research findings help to understand how Ukrainians feel about charitable giving in general and charitable foundations in particular, what practices appears to be the most successful, what drives Ukrainians in supporting others, what obstacles they face in charitable giving, who requires support the most and what groups of people are mostly likely to receive the support.


The present research will enable charitable organizations to improve their working practice and gain trust and support to implement qualitative changes in the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine.

Corporate and private philanthropists, donor organizations and government authorities will also benefit from the data provided.