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Coordination hub in times of war: NGO “Inspiration family”

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The start of a full-scale russian invasion came as a shock to every Ukrainian. Battling fear, anger and confusion, the charity sector had to quickly decide what to do next. While most people’s work was on hold or on the back burner, non-profit organizations had to take care not only of themselves and their families, but also of employees and beneficiaries.

We want to share with you the story about our grantees, who changed the focus of their work in wartime, and continue to implement new projects and respond to urgent requests.

NGO “Inspiration Family Foundation”, one of the winners of the grant competition by Zagoriy Foundation “Supporting the work of non-profit organizations in times of war”.

Until February 24, the foundation created systemic changes in the field of adult oncology, provided informational and emotional support to patients, and conducted educational events on the topic of cancer.

Now, the main activities of the organization are:

— Coordination and consultation of cancer patients being treated in Ukraine.

— Assistance in finding treatment abroad for cancer patients who cannot continue it in Ukraine.

— Finding and providing humanitarian aid to cancer centers.

During the full-scale war, the Foundation processed more than 1,200 requests, helped more than 120 patients receive treatment abroad, and more than 30 patients received consultations from doctors in Ukraine.

We believe that support and help now is extremely valuable. Our team is proud to be involved in the activities of such strong organizations. Together we can do more!