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Grant competition “Effective fundraising tools”

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The Zagoriy Foundation held a grant competition “Effective Fundraising Tools” to enable non-profit organizations to effectively and creatively attract donors

According to the study “Charity in Ukraine: an inside look”, one of the main constraints to the development of non-profit organizations in Ukraine is the lack of financial resources in organizations.

Very often, grant competitions, crowdfunding, cooperation with businesses, and other fundraising opportunities are aimed only at implementing projects, and administrative costs are left out.

Objective: To spread the practice of cooperation between non-profit organizations to strengthen resources in the sector, achieve better results in current activities and overcome the consequences of the war.

Contest topics

— Fundraising campaigns.

Projects aimed at implementing and communicating specific new or existing fundraising campaigns aimed at raising financial and material resources for social projects.

— Involving people in the ongoing support of organizations

Projects that create mechanisms for regular contributions to the administrative and/or project needs of organizations.

The amount of the grant is up to UAH 300 thousand.

Applications were accepted from July 1 to August 15, 2021.