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Grant competition “Innovative ideas of the culture of giving development in Ukraine”

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Zagoriy Foundation held a grant competition “Innovative ideas for the development of a culture of charity” aimed at developing a culture of charity in Ukraine. 

Developing a culture of charity is the mission of the Zagoriy Foundation. We are working towards this goal by sharing best practices and shaping charity trends.  

According to the results of the study “Charity in the Eyes of Ukrainians 2019”, conducted by the Zagoriy Foundation in 2019, the development of a culture of charity is possible under the following conditions:

– Increased capacity of non-governmental organizations to provide charitable assistance;  

– Increasing the level of trust in charitable foundations among the population;

– increasing the number of participants involved in charity.  

Objective: To support projects that will contribute to the formation of a culture of charity in Ukraine through the implementation of training programs, new approaches and involvement of people in charity. 

Contest topics:   

— Cohesion, community mobilization and cross-sectoral cooperation for the development of charity;

— Education in the field of charity;

— Promotion of charity.

Grant amount: up to UAH 300,000.