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“Who is behind this?” with «Shukai!»

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On November 24 Zagoriy Foundation together with «Shukai!» («Search!») opened a series of five bronze mini-sculptures dedicated to patrons of Kyiv.

Every day we pass by historic buildings like the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the National Museum of Literature of Ukraine, or the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. But do we know who is behind these architectural monuments?

Zagoriy Foundation together with «Shukai!» within the project “Who is behind this?” aims to tell more about the iconic patrons of Kyiv, their activities, and their contribution to modern city life.

Who exactly are the sculptures installed for?

Halshka Hulevychivna gave her estate in Podil for the establishment of the Kyiv Brotherhood School, from which the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy starts its history.

  • Address of the sculpture: 8 Illinska street (on the corner with 14 Bratska street).

Kateryna and Hryhoriy Galagan founded a private secondary school for talented young people. In memory of his son, who died at the age of 15, he was named the Pavlo Galagan College.

  • Address: 11 Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, National Museum of Literature of Ukraine.

Mykhailo Dehtyaryov. At his expense the House of Merchants’ Assembly was built (now – the National Philharmonic of Ukraine). During his life, he financed an asylum for the elderly and anemic, a widow’s house for women with children who lost their breadwinners. After his death, he bequeathed to the city four and a half million rubles.

  • Address: 2 Volodymyrskyi Uzviz, National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

Mykola Bunge has developed various ways to help needy students: scholarships, support for orphans, one-time awards, financing travel abroad. After his death, he bequeathed his fortune to the university.

  • Address: 18/5 Lypska street, State Judicial Administration.

David Marholin was one of the most generous patrons of Kyiv. He donated the most to education. During his life he was a successful entrepreneur, he had a great intuition to start successful businesses. Margolin took care of Trukhanov Island: he maintained a steamer pier and workshops, built schools and churches.

  • Address: 2/1 Olhynska street. There was an apartment and offices of Davyd Marholin’s enterprises.

Patronage has made a significant contribution to the development of Kyiv, the city we see today. Zagoriy Foundation and the «Shukai!» project believe that a series of sculptures will tell Kyiv residents and tourists even more about patrons and their role in history.


  • about 60 publications in the media in the first week of opening;
  • 5 cases of coverage on TV of Ukraine;
  • total media coverage reached 2.5 million in the first week of opening.