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Centre Anne de Kyiv



Zagoriy Foundation has made a major contribution to the restoration project of Borys and Glib Church in Senlis, France as well as construction of Centre Anne de Kyiv. Since 2013, Centre Anne de Kyiv has been spreading the word about Ukraine and the famous Queen Anna Yaroslavna and working on becoming an influential platform for holding discussions on the important global changes and challenges.

In close collaboration with thought leaders, scientists and journalists from Europe the Centre has been holding discussions that are relevant to life of modern Europe and the world, namely: counter fight hybrid threats, raising tolerance towards migrants, dynamic volunteer communities etc. Through cultural, art, scientific, educational and scholarship projects, the Centre encourages people to reassess European identity of the 21st century.

Zagoriy Foundation provides support in organizing the annual charitable event Anne de Kyiv. The Third Millenium that will take place on 23 June 2020 at Sophia Kyivska National Reserve.

Project Results:

  • Sustainable partnership with the Cultural Centre of Anne de Kyiv in France for further development and promotion was built
  • Overall Budget ~450 000 UAH