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Zagoriy Foundation holds a grant program to support the charitable sector in Ukraine and promote giving.

We provide grant support during open grant competitions, review non-competitive proposals and implement turnkey partner grant projects with international organizations to support Ukraine

Our grant support

  • Total amount of funds allocated to support social projects * 12 000 000 uah
  • Number of supported projects * 75

* including grant competitions and support for out-of-competition projects

Partnership opportunities

If you want to support Ukraine now, we have two options for you:

  1. 1 Support our grant program to develop the culture of giving and strengthen Ukrainian NGOs. To do this, send an email to our grant manager Maria Muradkhanian: [email protected]
  2. 2 Create your own project to support Ukraine from scratch with Zagoriy Foundation as a partner. How? See the details here:
  • Step 1. Idea You come up with an idea to help Ukrainian civil society
  • Step 2. First contact Send an email to our grant manager Maria: [email protected]
  • Step 3. Discussion Our teams set up a call to discuss your expectations from our common grant project
  • Step 4. Proposal We send a proposal of the project for your approval
  • Step 5. Investment You transfer necessary funding to organize the grant project
  • Step 6. Project start We launch the grant project and receive applications
  • Step 7. Winners selection Together we select the winners of the project
  • Step 8. Reporting We receive reports from grantees on the progress of projects implementation and provide them to you

Grant partnerships cases

In May 2022, we conducted a grant competition «Support for the work of non-profit organizations during the war» with the financial support of Fondation de France.

The competition aimed to provide the organizations with uninterrupted assistance to the beneficiaries of non-profit organizations in Ukraine.

Ten winners were selected to receive the funding of a total of 50 000 euro.

Previous competitions

Minigrant competition within the #GivingTuesday movement

September 13th – October 4th 2021
Total amount of grant support: 81 357 uah

#GivingTuesday is part of the international giving movement and a day when everyone can do good deeds and talk about them. Minigrant competition timed to #GivingTuesday was designed to support the best charitable initiatives, aimed at increasing the number of people involved in charitable practices in a simple and creative way.

Effective fundraising tools сompetition

July 1st – August 15th 2021
Total amount of grant support: 1 072 890 uah

The aim of the competition is to increase the level of sustainable funding of organizations by supporting the implementation of effective and efficient fundraising tools.

Children and giving: a minigrant competition time to the #GivingTuesdayEveryTuesday initiative

May 12th – June 13th 2021
Total amount of grant support: 112 148 uah

The competition is aimed at spreading the idea of doing good deeds and fostering a culture of giving among children and youth.

New approaches to the communication of charitable projects competition

March 1st – April 1st 2021
Total amount of grant support: 2 640 074 uah

The competition is aimed at strengthening communication activities in order to increase trust for the activities of charitable institutions, and attracting material, human, and financial resources to projects and organizations that implement them.

Minigrant competition timed to the #GivingTuesday

September 22nd – October 13th 2020
Total amount of grant support: 164 702 uah

Grant competition #GivingTuesday aimed to support the best activities timed to All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds.

Innovative ideas of the culture of giving development in Ukraine competition

August 1st – September 7th 2020
Total amount of grant support: 1 381 450 uah

Grant competition is aimed at supporting creative ideas of the culture of giving development in Ukraine by implementation of training programs, information campaigns, new approaches to giving, and involvement of people in charitable giving.

#GivingTuesdayNOW competition

April 9th – April 15th 2020
Total amount of grant support: 124 537 uah

Grant competition #GivingTuesdayNOW is designed to remind of the Day of Good Deeds — the Giving Tuesday initiative and the importance of helping every day. This has become especially relevant and important with the onset of the global pandemic when NGOs face new challenges and difficulties at work, and each day there are more and more people who need help.

AntiCovid-19 competition

April 1st – April 24th 2020
Total amount of grant support: 1 821 423 uah

The grant competition “AntiCovid-19” is designed to mobilize resources to counter the pandemic and support projects aimed at protecting the population from the virus, informing and supporting the community during a pandemic.