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European Foundation Centre Annual Conference 2021


The thirty-first annual conference of the European Foundation Center took place in Vienna from 18 to 20 October 2021. Zagoriy Foundation team has joined the event as a proud member of the organization.

The topic of the conference was «From crisis to opportunity: how can philanthropy accelerate sustainable change?» The conference has gathered more than 400 participants from all around the world and included dozens of events and thousands of discussions about the future of philanthropy.

Thematic blocks included climate, democracy, philanthropy, and democracy. During the event, participants have shared their experience of adapting to new world conditions and talked about the necessary changes in the times of new normal. In addition, an expert in the field is assigned to each block.

Zagoriy Foundation team is delighted to join such an important discussion today.

«This year, our foundation became a member of EFC, and the conference was a great opportunity to integrate into the community of European foundations. We see that the challenges and problems we have are common with foundations in the EU. Therefore, European colleagues can learn a lot from Ukrainian organizations in many respects. We strive to share experiences and bring the best international practices to Ukraine, but on the contrary, we sincerely want Ukraine to be recognized as well», – said Oleksandra Lytvynenko, Head of Partnerships and Development at Zagoriy Foundation.