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Grant Competition «Innovative Ideas for the Development of a Culture of Charity»


Grant Competition by Zagoriy Foundation

Developing a culture of charitable giving is the mission of Zagoriy Foundation.

According to the Charity through the eyes of Ukrainians study conducted by Zagoriy Foundation in 2019, the development of a culture of charity is possible under the following conditions:

  • increasing the capacity of non-governmental organizations to provide charitable assistance;
  • increasing the level of trust in charitable foundations among the population;
  • increasing the number of participants involved in charity.

Supporting projects aimed to promote a culture of charitable giving in Ukraine by involving new participants to charity, implementing training programs in the field of charity, developing and implementing new approaches to charity and other activities that aimed to facilitate education, promotion of charity, community and sector cohesion.

Grant amount: up to 300 000 UAH

Deadline: 07.09.2020

Results announcement:
Project applications will be considered for four weeks after the end of the competition.

We will announce the winners on 7 ocober.