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Grant competition “Promotion of partnership and cooperation in the charity sector”


Zagoriy Foundation announces a new grant competition, “Promotion of partnership and cooperation in the charity sector”, which aims to support partnership projects in the non-profit sector for its effective work and successful development.

Zagoriy Foundation’s online survey “Needs and activities of NGOs during the war” found that more than 85% of organizations are considering partnership opportunities. However, many organizations still continue to work on their own.

We believe that unity and cooperation can strengthen organizations, and give them a powerful resource for development and effective work.

The competition aims to spread the cooperation between non-profit organizations in Ukraine to strengthen resources in the sector, achieve better results and overcome the consequences of war.


  • local partnership (cooperation of organizations that focus on activities in settlements or regions common to all partner organizations);
  • interregional partnership (cooperation of organizations whose daily activities focus on different settlements and regions).

A partnership can include two or three non-profit organizations of different scales (all-Ukrainian, regional, local) and various team sizes. A partnership can also involve a non-profit organization and a volunteer initiative.

In the framework of the grant competition, the option of partnership with an organization located abroad is not considered (according to the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine “On the operation of the banking system during the introduction of martial law” dated February 24, 2022, organizations cannot send funds abroad).

Examples of “common points” for partnerships between organizations:

  • areas of activity, social issues, which the organizations deal with;
  • region, if the activity is aimed at the development of a certain region or city;
  • joint missions;
  • directions/goals of activity;
  • groups of beneficiaries, or interconnected groups of beneficiaries (for example, parents and children, applicants/students, and employees of educational institutions).

The partnership can involve:

  • planning and launching a joint project;
  • continuation of the current joint project;
  • creation of joint centers, hubs, and other bodies for joint coordination of activities;
  • organizing events/projects aimed at exchanging experience and ideas in a certain area of work or pooling resources to increase institutional capacity (employee exchange, networking, consultation series, provision of material resources — office, programs, etc.);
  • conducting joint information campaigns;
  • joint fundraising campaigns, etc.

These partnership options are not exhaustive. A grant application may offer its own ways of implementing a partner project.

Cooperation should contribute to (one or more goals):

  • Expanding the regions for providing assistance, increasing the number of beneficiaries who receive assistance;
  • Effective resolution of social issues thanks to the introduction of new work methods, exchange of experience, knowledge, and resources;
  • Development and popularization of a certain area of charitable assistance: to let more people know about the problem and join in resolving it, involvement of a larger circle of volunteers;
  • Increasing the institutional capacity and professionalism of the teams of each of the partner organizations.

The grant competition is implemented with the financial support of Global Giving.

The size of the grant is up to UAH 500,000.

Acceptance of applications: from September 12 to October 3, 2022 until 23:59 inclusive.

The results will be announced on October 27, 2022.