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I Can Save a Life!



I Can Save a Life! is an all-Ukrainian educational project for school students that teaches the basics of first pre-medical aid to prevent premature mortality in Ukraine. Zagoriy Foundation supported the project  implemented by Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health. The project involved medical instructors from Ukrainian Paramedic Group under the patronage of Maryna Poroshenko.

Within the framework of the educational programme, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, a number of practical training sessions took place where school students were taught how to render first aid in the event of stagnation of the circulation, mechanical airway obstruction or bleeding.

The students were then able to practice their skills during all-Ukrainian competitions.

Project Results:

  • 30 000+ school students from 16 regions of Ukraine participated in training sessions
  • 20 learning stages, 640 training sessions and 3 all-Ukrainian competitions
  • Overall Budget ~500 000 UAH