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Looking for Sunny Days: A Book about Charity


Osnovy Publishing in partnership with the Zagoriy Foundation created the book “Looking for Sunny Days” — the first publication about charity for children in Ukraine. We believe that empathy and the habit of helping others develop from childhood, and this book will help parents instill a sense of kindness and care for others in their children.

Danilo Halyko, author and indie musician from Blooms Corda, has written the book, and Polina Doroshenko has drawn incredible illustrations. The main characters of the book are Zizi and Zuzu, brother and sister. Following their example, children can learn how to help and do good deeds.

After all, helping is, first of all, about showing attention and care. And it is these pleasant feelings of giving that the book “Looking for Sunny Day” broadcasts. Even the usual suggestion to hide a traveler under an umbrella in the rain is an expression of caring that can make you happier. The characters of the book have many more such stories — they will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults.

This book will inspire you, your children, nephews, or younger brothers and sisters to make great stories and good deeds, and will be a good gift for the coming holidays.

The book can be purchased in Ukraine and around the world on the Osnovy Publishing website.