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New cultural project supported by Zagoriy Foundation: Multimedia encyclopedia of Ukrainian Architecture


We are delighted to present a new multimedia platform, which explores a mutual influence between culture and society. The project was created as a documentual movie about Ukrainian architecture and includes three seasons: “The State”, “Economics”, “The Law”.

It is not a regular encyclopedia with plain facts and definitions, but a large multimedia project with fascinating articles written by experts. The platform raises interesting debatable issues:  What does Ukrainian architecture look like? Do modern building and Cossack baroque have the same cultural value? How does decor of buildings reflect, for example, gender inequality or anti-Semitism of those times? Which historic buildings deserve to be saved for the next generations? 

The platform will be interesting for scientists, architects, journalists and for the common users as well. 

“Architecture keeps a cultural memory of the previous generations, it “talks” and tells us a lot of fascinating stories without a single word. If we want to understand architecture deeply, sometimes we should listen to the “interpreters“:  art historians and architects, who have enormous knowledge and are able to explain the connection between architecture and society. This project connects plenty of great professionals, who have become “interpreters“ of architectural language. We are delighted to support this great and significant initiative”, — Eugenia Mazurenko, the director of Zagoriy Foundation, says.

The project is running by Urban Forms Center together with Slavutych town — a small cultural capital of Ukraine in 2020-2021. Financial supporters: Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Zagoriy Foundation.