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Raising Funds for the Purchase of 50 Breathing Machines


Zagoriy Foundation and Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace announce a nationwide fundraising campaign that focuses on procurement and supply of essential 50 breathing machines to Ukrainian hospitals.

Everyone can donate to help equip Ukrainian hospitals with breathing machines to fight Coronavirus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, breathing machines save lives of the patients with serious complications.

Our aim is to purchase 50 breathing machines from USA, deliver them to Ukraine and supply them to the hospitals.

We look into purchasing the following breathing machines produced in the USA:

VELA — the cost of a full kit is USD 26940.00
Bellavista 1000 — the cost of a full kit is USD 32570.00
AVEA — the cost of a full kit is USD 39700.00

We will deliver breathing machines to Ukraine as soon as the transport connection between the USA and Europe is renewed. The estimated delivery date is the end of May 2020. This medical equipment will save people’s lives during the epidemics and after it.

Please follow the link to donate.

All donations will specifically go to this cause. There are no charges or admin fees to participate in this charitable project. The campaign uses Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace online platform. Zagoriy Foundation will top up the funding and provide logistics support.

“We believe that humanity has always been the way forward. Our society is facing a tough challenge these days. So, now is the time we get together to raise funding to equip hospitals all over Ukraine with the breathing machines”. Eugenia Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation.

“We have a simple and achievable goal – join efforts of thousands of people and responsible business representatives to purchase modern medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals. Ukraine has never seen the urgent need of coordinating efforts from so many people like it does these days. It is only by acting as one we can overcome COVID-19 epidemics and ensure that our friends and families get the required medical aid in all regions of Ukraine, while doctors can do their job on saving people’s lives. We can do so much more when we act together”.Iryna Gutsal, Director of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace.