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The Media of Great Stories — the first media about charity in Ukraine


Zagoriy Foundation has created the first media about charity in Ukraine – Media of Great Stories.

Zagoriy Foundation has been developing a culture of giving in Ukraine since 2015. The Foundation supports Ukrainian philanthropy and promotes a systematic approach to charity in society. We realized that the non-profit sector lacks a platform to talk about the culture of giving, which is why we decided to create an information resource about charity for everyone.

We will talk about trends in charity, the work of the third sector, share the views of experts.

“The Media of Great Stories is a guide to the world of good deeds, a website where people come to see how to invest their resources in the development of society and the culture of giving. We make the culture of giving an organic part of the lives of Ukrainians”says Olena Skachkova, the editor-in-chief.

The Media of Great Stories demonstrates that everyone can join the charity and enjoy it.