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What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?


«What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?» — the research by Zagoriy Foundation.

The latest nationwide survey «What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?» initiated by Zagoriy Foundation and conducted by the research company Socioinform reveals new interesting facts about motivation for charitable giving.
According to the survey, about 70% of Ukrainians are driven by compassion for those who need their help.

What does motivate Ukrainians for charity”? What are the most popular reason for non-participation in charitable giving? What kind of people are interested in the third sector work?

Most often, Ukrainians join charity with their money. According to the survey, 88% respondents have experience of providing assistance in form of monetary donations. The second most popular way for Ukrainians is in-kind assistance — giving food, clothing, medicines, etc.

Eugenia Mazurenko, the executive director at Zagoriy Foundation: The results of the survey has shown gradual changes in public opinion toward charitable giving. Ukrainians tend to perceive charity giving the way Western European societies do. Charitable giving has become a common practice for all Ukrainians.

See the research findings here.