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Winners of grant competition “Promoting partnership and cooperation in the charity sector”


Zagoriy Foundation announces the winners of the grant competition “Promoting partnership and cooperation in the charity sector”!

The competition aims at spreading cooperation among non-profit organizations to strengthen resources in the sector and achieve better results.

The grant competition is implemented with the financial support of Global Giving.

So, the winners of the competition are:

  1. NGO “Tarilka”  to strengthen the cooperation of food banks of Ukraine;
  2. Charitable Foundation of psychological support in crisis situations “Ancora” with the study “Coping strategies of military amputees in crisis situations”;
  3. Сharitable Foundation “Yangoly Poruch” charitable foundation with support for children with special educational needs in wartime conditions;
  4. Charitable Foundation “Rescue Now” with a universal model of holistic evacuation;
  5. NGO “Bar City Art Amateur Theater” with a humanitarian hub on the basis of the space of art rehabilitation “Equality Theater”;
  6. Charitable foundation “Povernennia do Zhyttia” with the “Synergy of Victory” project
  7. NGO “BA & DI CLUB” with the hub “BA & DI-Mariupol”;
  8. NGO “Association of Responsible Citizens” with the educational and training center of tactical medicine “KoLeSo”.

It is worth noting that all projects within the framework of the competition are partner projects. And despite the fact that there are 8 winners listed, the total number of supported organizations is 20!

What about analytics?

We received 135 grant applications. Distribution by topics: 46% of applications are focused on interregional partnerships, and 54% on local partnerships.

The most popular target audiences of applications:

  • Vulnerable groups of the population;
  • Children;
  • Volunteers/participants of volunteer initiatives.

We received the most applications from the following regions: Lvivska, Kyivska, and Kharkivska oblasts.

Congratulations to the organizations and looking forward to fruitful and long-term cooperation!