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Winners of the grant competition «Support for the work of non-profit organizations during the war»!


We are glad to finally announce the winners of the grant competition «Support for the work of non-profit organizations during the war»!

We have selected 10 winners who receive grants totaling more than 50 thousand euros:

  • “Architectural education” NGO with the project “Architectural education: resumption of work of the Kharkiv school of architecture in the evacuation“;
  • “Association of Private Employers” NGO with ”Kharkiv Ants” Volunteer Initiative;
  • “Directed Action” NGO providing medical care for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • “Inspiration Family Charitable Foundation” with a project of Coordination Headquarters to assist Ukrainian Cancer Patients during the War;
  • Vinnytsia Business School NGO with a project of Mother and Child Support Center “Mamalecha”;
  • All-Ukrainian Charity Organization “Down Syndrome” with a project “Support Syndrome: Psychological help for people with Down syndrome and their families“;
  • “Association of Wives and Mothers of Fighters Participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation” NGO with a project “Helping to survive“;
  • DOSTUPNO.UA NGO providing information support for people with disabilities;
  • ”Professionals of the Future” NGO with a project “Together to the victory. Circle of support for Ukrainian agents of change“.

The competition aims to provide the organizations with uninterrupted assistance to the beneficiaries of non-profit organizations in Ukraine.

The grant competition is implemented with the financial support of the Fondation de France.

Congratulations to the winners, and let’s create useful projects together!