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Zagoriy Foundation during the War


We at Zagoriy Foundation strongly believe in Ukraine’s victory and do our best to accelerate it. Our team is deeply sure that even a small effort will contribute to the final result. Therefore, no one can stand aside.

The mission of Zagoriy Foundation is the development of the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine. Zagoriy Foundation always has been flexible and responsive, and in this difficult time, our primary purpose has changed. Reacting to the enormous challenges, we will maintain the development of a culture of giving by assisting and coordinating nonprofit organizations during the war and post-war period.

We are using the Foundation’s strengths in communicating with the sector and the international community, data collection, and advisory services to the benefit of Ukrainian nonprofits, by provision of:

  • legal support
  • financial consultations
  • experts and auditors

The level of giving has significantly increased, and practically everyone is involved in charity and volunteering somehow. All Ukrainian civil society is united and mobilized. However, it will not last long, and we will face the following consequences:

a) People’s resources are limited. Most newly appeared volunteers will soon get tired and/or run out of money.

b) Donors will become more demanding once the level of emergency decreases. Chaotic procurement and absence of regular reporting won’t be longer a case

c) Civil society should work in advance and strengthen their positions in fundraising and relationships with donors. 

The directions of our work are following:

1.Supporting our partner organizations and grantees to work efficiently. 

Our partners are participants of our training programs, grantees and organizations we collaborated with, and other reliable charitable foundations and organizations.  We support the organization’s projects, institutional capacity, and communication. 

2. Creation and distribution of materials on philanthropy during the war.

This includes:

  • An analysis of the current situation: who helps and how, how to use existing experience and improve the situation;
  • Recommendations for charitable activities and protection against fraud (specific instructions and actions);
  • Providing information to the international community, including the philanthropic community, about the role of philanthropy in solving problems.

3. Development of coordination within the sector and efficient allocation of funds:

Involvement of solid partners in joint work. We will not be able to coordinate the activities of the entire charitable sector alone. That is why we want to create a coalition for better information coverage and joint efforts.

– Creating a map (list) of who is doing what, what niche is occupied today, so as not to duplicate the work of colleagues, but rather to strengthen it

– Compiling the lists of coordination headquarters by cities, as well as humanitarian aid depots for the international community

– Informing donors about existing needs in a centralized manner

4. International cooperation

– Informing about the NGO/charity sector and partners and advocate for the needs of organizations in the international arena through the Zagoriy Foundation

– Introduce collected information about activities and information of figures stakeholders in NGO/charity sector

-Raising financial support to NGOs and Charities operating in Ukraine.

What we would be grateful to the world community for:

– Information support on Zagoriy Foundation’s work. Collaborations in information and communication (as we have media about philanthropy and collect information about the generosity in Ukraine)

– Introducing Zagoriy Foundation to donors who are willing to support Ukraine during this time 

Financial assistance to Zagoriy Foundation, as we continue to support our partner organizations and grantees in their effective functioning and activities during the war (we see ourselves as a hub to coordinate grants due to different organizations’ needs as well as helping other charities to adapt to new work conditions)

– We could be a partner in the following areas: data collecting, gathering information about reliable NGOs to fund, partnership building.

– Promoting the role of Ukrainian NGOs and philanthropy on a global scale.

The strength lies in unity, and Ukraine is an excellent example. Glory to Ukraine!