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Zagoriy Foundation during the War


We at Zagoriy Foundation strongly believe in Ukraine’s victory and do our best to accelerate it. Our team is deeply sure that even a small effort will contribute to the final result. Therefore, no one can stand aside.

The mission of Zagoriy Foundation is the development of the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine. But nowadays, we partly shift the focus to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our people. We continue to provide informational and financial support.

The directions of our work are following:

  • We provide financial and informational support for our partners and grantees within their needs.
  • Accumulate and spread information about charitable giving and philanthropy. You can find helpful resources and valuable information about ongoing projects on our website.
  • Transport of goods, particularly humanitarian aid and goods for our Army. Also, we coordinate the logistics of help from abroad to Ukraine.
  • Verification of foundations for the website: https://supportukrainenow.org/ . Via the link, you can find helpful information about supporting Ukraine in almost 30 languages. We want to ensure that the aid will reach the proper beneficiaries. Therefore, we are working on a list of trustworthy foundations whose activities are transparent and well-structured.

The strength lies in unity, and Ukraine is an excellent example. Glory to Ukraine!