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Sustainability of non-profit sector in Ukraine

BRIDGE training program by Lightful


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BRIDGE training program by Lightful

Zagoriy Foundation and Lightful are delighted to announce the start of recruitment for the Digital Bootcamp and the BRIDGE training program!

In partnership with Lightful, we’re announcing a training program designed to equip small and medium-sized nonprofits with the digital skills and confidence to become more sustainable and achieve greater impact.

The program is implemented with the financial support of Global Giving.

The program has 2 stages:

  • Stage 1. Digital Bootcamp: a digital training that will help you and your team define a clear digital communications strategy and identify your target audience. 

Learn more about the training at the link.

  • Stage 2 is a 5-month BRIDGE (Building Resilience in Digital Growth and Engagement) program, where you will learn how to communicate effectively with your target audience, run powerful campaigns that demonstrate your abilities, and attract more unlimited funding.

Learn more about the program at the link.

The program will run from January to June 2023.

How to participate in the program?

  • First of all, participants have the opportunity to attend a two-week Digital Bootcamp. To do this, one needs to fill out the form using the link by December 30 (Ukrainian organizations only). The selection of participants is carried out until January 9.
  • Then, the most active participants of the training will have the opportunity to enter the complete 5-month BRIDGE program.

To apply for the training and the BRIDGE program, fill out the form at the link (Ukrainian-based organizations only).

Who is this program for?

The program suits small and medium-sized organizations that:

  • Need more confidence in using digital tools.
  • Want to raise more funds through digital channels.
  • Willing and able to devote one to two hours a week to this program.

Learn more at the link.

Charity Match: Reloaded


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Charity Match: Reloaded

Zagoriy Foundation announces the training program for non-profit organizations “Charity Match: Reloaded”!

Charity Match is a comprehensive training program for representatives of the non-profit sector in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to increase expertise, knowledge and skills among non-profit organizations for more effective activities. The program was created and implemented by the Zagoriy Foundation team.

The course was launched in 2021, and 2 seasons have already passed. Now we’re launching a third, renewed season called Charity Match: Reloaded.

This is a new educational and practical course for representatives of the non-profit sector, which will help participants to better understand the sector, increase their expertise and use the acquired knowledge in practice. The course was recorded in autumn 2022, so all materials are updated and adapted to today’s realities.

What will participants learn in the course

1.How to start a charitable activity, what are its legal and financial aspects;

2.Main rules and subtleties of organization and project management;

3.Guidelines for building effective partnerships;

4.All important aspects of fundraising;

5.How to become a professional in communications;

6.The main principles of correct assessment of projects and reporting on them to donors.

These 6 blocks consist of nearly 50 lectures, which fully cover topics important to operate a charity. In addition to videos, participants will have access to handouts, checklists and other useful things that they need in their work.

To consolidate knowledge, participants can take tests and do homework. The course mentors will provide feedback on the completed work and answer any other questions.

Moreover, the course is also a great opportunity for networking and making new valuable connections, as participants can connect in the chats and during live streams.

The training starts on November 28, 2022.

Participation is free, and a number of participants is limited.

Who can participate?

  • representatives of charitable foundations, NGOs, and religious organizations, as well as unregistered volunteer initiatives.

Charity Match


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Charity Match

Charity Match

Charity Match is a three-component program for non-profit organizations.

Charity Match is a training program for representatives of non-profit organizations. Its goal is to create more effective and efficient fundraising campaigns.

The first curriculum of Charity Match took place in 2021 in the format of a three-component program for the nonprofit sector.

Charity Match 1.0 program consisted of:

  • 1) training — 1.5-month online course from experts in the non-profit sector;
  • 2) practical — the implementation of a fundraising campaign, which is to be developed during the training;
  • 3) bonus — doubling up to UAH 50,000 from Zagoriy Foundation and MHP – community charitable foundation for successful campaigns.

65 organizations from different parts of Ukraine were selected, 10 of which successfully implemented fundraising campaigns and received doubling funds.

Charity Matсh 2.0

Charity Match 2.0 starts on April 19, 2022, in a slightly changed format. This is a training program that is best adapted to today’s realities.

In addition to the already available information, we supplemented the course with additional materials that are focused on work during the war.

What has changed?

  • There is no selection for the course: the program is open to all non-profit organizations, foundations, and volunteer initiatives.
  • Homework is optional. Zagoriy Foundation team will check your work on request.
  • There is no final thesis.
  • Updated information, taking into account the activities during the war: optimization of the team and activities, communications during the war, submission of grant applications to international organizations, legal peculiarities of the non-profit sector.

Who can participate:

  • NGOs;
  • Charitable foundations and organizations;
  • Local governments;
  • Public utilities;
  • Volunteer initiatives;
  • Initiative groups (in partnership with local self-government or NGOs).

Grant for a workshop together with Platfor.ma


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Grant for a workshop together with Platfor.ma

Grant for the workshop “Creative Communications for Social Change” together with Platfor.ma Media.

In the summer of 2021, the Zagoriy Foundation launched the first wave of a grant for a workshop on social projects to teach organizations to break the information noise and create extraordinary campaigns.

Among all the applications, together with the partner – the storytelling agency and the online magazine Platfor.ma, we selected three finalists. Everyone received a workshop «Creative Communications for Social Change» as a gift from the team and two months of consulting support. The winners are Ekodia — an NGO that brings together experts and activists around the idea of ​​environmental protection, Peace School — an NGO that specializes in achieving positive and sustainable change through dialogue and renewal practices and the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights Docudays UA.

Charity Dialogues Workshop


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Charity Dialogues Workshop

Charity Dialogues Workshop from Zagoriy Foundation and The Aspen Institute Kyiv

On September 3-4, 2021, an important workshop for the charitable sector Charity Dialogues was held by the Zagoriy Foundation and The Aspen Institute Kyiv. Its main goal is to create opportunities to discuss the development of philanthropic activities in Ukraine.

Ukrainian philanthropists and patrons took part in the workshop. We believe that dialogue will help introduce new approaches to understanding processes and come to an agreement. The more often philanthropists come together to find answers to today’s issues, the better we will understand how to respond to global and local challenges and develop charitable activities in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Catholic University Scholarship Competition


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Ukrainian Catholic University Scholarship Competition

Scholarship competition for a master’s program at Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU).

The Zagoriy Foundation and the UCU Institute of Leadership and Management held a scholarship competition to study for a master’s degree in nonprofit management.

The scholarship from the Zagoriy Foundation is provided to promote the culture of giving in Ukraine. Leaders of charitable foundations or public organizations whose activities are aimed at increasing the number of philanthropists and spreading charitable practices in general can receive a scholarship.

The scholarship program has been active for four years.

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