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The World Art. Ukrainian Contribution



Zagoriy Foundation supported a project focusing on promotion of book publishing in Ukraine and development of Ukrainian literary and art community abroad. Rodovid Publishing House jointly with History and Art Research Center organization became Zagoriy Foundation’s trusted partners in the implementation of this project.

Project Results:

Books published in 2016:

  • The Ukrainian Academy of Art. The History of Foundation and Founders
  • The Ukrainian Artists in Paris 1900-1939
  • Kazimir Malevich Photobook. Kyiv Period 1928-1930
  • The Ukrainian Art: From Bronze Age to Contemporary Times. The Calendar

Books published in 2017:

  • Pure Art Catalogue
  • Anatolyi Petrytskyi. Carte Blanche
  • Alexis Gritchenko. Dynamocolor

Books published in 2018:

  • Our Emblem. Symbols of Ukraine From Knyaz Times to Present Days
  • The New Generation and Artistic Modernism in Ukraine
  • Overall Budget ~700 000 UAH