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Donating Three Breathing Machines to Kyiv Hospital


Zagoriy Foundation and Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa donate three breathing machines to Kyiv City Emergency Response Hospital.

COVID-19 pandemics is spreading fast in Europe. Patients in many countries face the need of intensive care and reanimation; however, the hospitals do not have enough breathing machines to meet the demand.

Zagoriy Foundation and Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa make their contribution in preparing Ukraine to fight pandemic and donate three breathing machines to Kyiv City Emergency Response Hospital. Vela breathing machines manufactured by Viasys, USA provide artificial lungs ventilation to moderately and critically ill patients.

”We have taken on boarch other countries experience in dealing with COVID-19 virus and we act proactively. The new COVID-19 virus leads to overcrowded intense care units and hospitals in the countries where the epidemics is at its peek. Therefore, every breathing machine in Ukrainian hospitals is able to save a life. Together with Zagoriy Foundation, we have purchased three breathing machines, which we have donated to Kyiv City Emergency Response Hospital. It is crucial to support our country and our society during tough times like these. Our mutual efforts will help us bridge over difficulties with dignity”.   

– Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors Darnitsa Group.

“As we go through pandemic times, we are strongly recommended to stay home to minimize socialising and prevent the virus from spreading. Staying at home does not mean being lonely. Charitable giving is a way of staying connected. We need to stay calm and take care of each other during these difficult times. The medical equipment we have purchased, namely the breathing machines will enable doctors to save people’s lives. Charitable foundations regardless of their initial strategies have to respond to the real need of today’s world. Preventing COVID-19 from spreading is our top priority these days”.

– Eugenia Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation. Darnitsa

Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1930. Starting 1998, it has become the industry leader by production volume. In 2019, the Company’s share got to 13.76%. The Company’s product portfolio includes around 280 names of ready-to-use medications. The portfolio’s strategic areas for development are cardiology, neurology and pain killing medicines. Darnitsa exports its products to 16 countries. The Company’s net revenue in 2016-2018 had shown an increase of 18.6% and the net profit increased by 15.7%. Zagoriy family is the benefiriary of Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company.