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Studies and trends

Study “Professional burnout of employees working in the charity sector”


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Study “Professional burnout of employees working in the charity sector”

The Zagoriy Foundation in cooperation with Socioinform conducted a survey aimed at researching the emotional conditions and determining the current situation with the burnout of employees engaged in the charity sector.

The survey consisted of quantitive and qualitative part. Employees from local and all-Ukrainian organizations participated in the survey as respondents. The quantitive part was carried out based on the analysis of 400 forms filled out by the respondents. The qualitative part was conducted based on 20 in-depth interviews with representatives of charitable organizations from various fields.

The survey was carried out from December 2022 to February 2023.

The method of identifying the level of emotional burnout, which was developed by the professor Viktor Boyko, formed the basis of the survey.

The study is available by the link.

The study «Charity in times of war» by Zagoriy Foundation


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The study «Charity in times of war» by Zagoriy Foundation

Zagoriy Foundation and the Ukrainian Center for Public Opinion Research «Sotsioinform» conducted a quantitative study «Charity in times of war» in June 2022 to track changes in Ukrainian philanthropy over the past year.

Full-scale war has had a significant impact on the nonprofit sector. It is important to monitor the changes in order to build long-term plans and projects. 

«Thanks to current data, we can plan where to direct our efforts and which areas of charity should be better explained to people,» says Liubov Rainchuk, coordinator of the «Charity in times of war» study.

The study is available by the link.

What did we learn from the study?

The attitude of Ukrainians to charity has changed. 84% of Ukrainians noted that the scale of charity is growing, and they noticed its rapid development. This also applies to trust in charitable institutions: if previously the level of trust was «mediocre» (estimated at 2.66 points out of 5 in 2021), now it is «rather high» (3.77 out of 5).

The involvement of Ukrainians in charity has increased significantly. 86% of Ukrainian residents practiced giving during the last year. People see an urgent need for help and are ready to provide it. For example, the average donation in 2022 grew 9 times, compared to the last year. The number of volunteers has also increased from 5% in 2021 to 33% now.

— In accordance with changes in behavior, we also observe changes in people’s motivation. Compassion and the awareness that any of us can be in trouble are still the main motives that drive giving. But new factors also appeared: a sense of patriotism, a desire to participate in the solution of important problems, and the awareness of the duty to society.

The full study is available by the link.

Research of giving


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Research of giving

Zagoriy Foundation researches the non-profit sector in Ukraine and provides translations of foreign studies that could be interesting.

The flagship study of the Zagoriy Foundation is “Charitable giving as viewed by Ukrainians.» The study has been conducted twice: in 2019 and 2021.

Some examples of our studies:

All studies can be viewed at the link.