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Grant competition «Support for the work of non-profit organizations during the war»

The competition is implemented with the financial support of the Fondation de France.

Description of the competition

The competition is aimed at supporting local Ukrainian organizations, which need to strengthen resources to provide qualified assistance to their wards due to the hostilities in Ukraine.

The purpose is to promote the provision of uninterrupted assistance to the beneficiaries of non-profit organizations in Ukraine.

Topics of the grant competition:

• Providing assistance to statutory beneficiaries of the organization;
• Support for IDPs and new activities of the organization.

Who can apply?
Non-profit organizations registered in Ukraine in accordance with the current legislature and included in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations.

Namely, charitable, public, religious organizations, including unions, associations, charitable foundations, and international charitable foundations that are officially registered in Ukraine.

Acceptance of applications is open from April 21 to May 5, 2022 until 23:59 inclusive.
Announcement of results: May 12, 2022.