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Yearly digest: 12 events of 2021 from Zagoriy Foundation


Last year was full of exciting events, new projects, and outstanding achievements. So what did 2021 bring to the Zagoriy Foundation?

Global scale

This year, the Zagoriy Foundation became a member of three international associations: the National Center for Family Philanthropy, the European Foundation Center (now ー Philea), and the European Venture Philanthropy Association.

In 2021, the Zagoriy Foundation team visited the Investors for Impact Forum and C Summit in Porto and the annual EFC conference in Vienna, where it participated in the NextGen development program for young professionals of the third sector.

We continue to study international experience and share our own: this year, our team published two articles in WINGS and 6 in Alliance Magazine and shared an English version of the study “Charitable giving as seen by Ukrainians in 2021”.

In addition, Zagoriy Foundation grants have appeared on the global charity map by Candid that accumulates data on grants from organizations around the world.

The study «Charitable giving as seen by Ukrainians in 2021»

On September 21, Zagoriy Foundation presented the study “Charitable Giving as Seen by Ukrainians in 2021”, which analyzes the current state of charitable giving, current issues, and areas for further development. A similar study was conducted in 2019.

What did we learn?

  • In 2021, 67% of Ukrainians practiced charitable giving, compared to 60% in 2019;
  • The average cash contribution for the quarter has almost doubled to 758 UAH per giver;
  • Only 30% of Ukrainians believe that good deeds should be told.

The study was conducted by the Ukrainian Center for Public Opinion Research “Socioinform” commissioned by the Zagoriy Foundation during June-July 2021.

The Media of Great Stories

On May 20, Zagoriy Foundation officially launched the Media of Great Stories – the first media in Ukraine about charity, and on November 25, we launched its English version.

Top-3 trending articles:

The Media of Great Stories publishes news, interviews, long reads, and special projects, such as interviews with change agents and a special project about patrons “Who is behind this.»

Grant competitions

This year we launched two grant competitions:

  • «New approaches to communication of charitable projects» with the purpose to strengthen the communication of social and charitable projects that are in the planning and/or implementation stage. Ten winners were chosen.
  • «Effective Fundraising Tools» with the purpose to increase the level of sustainable funding of organizations through the introduction of practical fundraising tools. Six winners were chosen.

Charity Match

Charity Match is a program for the non-profit sector that aims to increase organizations’ ability to create more effective and efficient fundraising campaigns.

Charity Match program has three components:

1. training – 1.5-month online course from experts in the non-profit sector;

2. practical – the implementation of a fundraising campaign, which is to be developed during the training;

3. bonus – doubling up to UAH 50,000 from Zagoriy Foundation and MHP – community charitable foundation for successful campaigns.

Sixty-six organizations took part in the program, 10 of which successfully implemented fundraising campaigns and received doubling from the Zagoriy Foundation and MHP – community.

«Who is behind this?» & «Shukai! (Search!)» joint project

On November 24, Zagoriy Foundation, together with «Shukai!» («Search!»), opened a series of five bronze mini-sculptures dedicated to patrons of Kyiv. The project aims to tell more about the iconic patrons of Kyiv, their activities, and their contribution to modern city life. Who exactly are the sculptures installed for?

  • Halshka Hulevychivna by the address: 8 Illinska street (on the corner with 14 Bratska street).
  • Kateryna and Hryhoriy Galagan by the address: 11 Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, National Museum of Literature of Ukraine.
  • Mykhailo Dehtyaryov by the address: 2 Volodymyrskyi Uzviz, National Philharmonic of Ukraine.
  • Mykola Bunge by the address: 18/5 Lypska street, State Judicial Administration.
  • David Marholin by the address: 2/1 Olhynska street.


Giving Tuesday Ukraine is a part of the global Giving Tuesday movement, which took place on November 30. Zagoriy Foundation has been conducting the #GivingTuesday in Ukraine for four years.

Main results of 2021:

  • 942 activities registered on the Map of Kindness and partner resources;
  • More than 172 thousand participants;
  • Zagoriy Foundation team has raised UAH 120,000 for Down Syndrome charity organization;
  • Kind Challenge and Zagoriy Foundation have conducted an all-Ukrainian fundraising event Giving Race;
  • Competition of mini-grants to support the initiatives timed to #GivingTuesday was conducted;
  • Zagoriy Foundation x Oliz collaboration;
  • Special media projects with Zaborona Media, Bazilik Media, and regional media.

Looking for Sunny Days: A Book about Charity

Osnovy Publishing, in partnership with the Zagoriy Foundation, created the book “Looking for Sunny Days” — the first publication about charity for children in Ukraine. 

Danilo Halyko, author and indie musician from Blooms Corda, has written the book, and Polina Doroshenko has drawn incredible illustrations. 

This book will inspire adults and children to do good deeds and encourage their loved ones to join.

You can buy the book by the link.

«Break the Ice of Prejudice» Information Campaign

The information campaign “Break the Ice of Prejudice” is designed to dispel myths about charitable foundations, change public opinion about their activities and draw attention to systematic work.

The campaign started at the main literature festival in Ukraine Book Arsenal, where we placed a vast iceberg that reflected the common prejudices about the activities of charitable foundations.

Outdoor advertising had about 200 manifestations, and the total coverage on social networks reached 1,291,283! Big Ukrainian media such as Fakty, Platfor.ma, and Bazilik Media also reported the campaign.

CEO breakfasts

This year, the Zagoriy Foundation has launched a tradition of organizing CEO breakfasts for charitable foundations and socially responsible businesses managers. The event series aims to unite like-minded people around topical giving issues in Ukraine.

The first breakfast was held on September 16. At the meeting, the CEO of the Zagoriy Foundation, Eugenia Mazurenko, presented the study results “Charitable giving as seen by Ukrainians in 2021”.

The second CEO breakfast was held on December 14, the topic of which was “Leadership in an era of instability: how to unite the team around common values?”. Eugenia Mazurenko and Maryna Solovyova, head of the CSR IDS Borjomi Ukraine, spoke about their own experience of motivating the team and crisis communication.

Dimensions of Charity Workshop from Zagoriy Foundation and Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute’s Dimensions of Charity seminar was held on September 3-4 with the support of the Zagoriy Foundation. The event’s purpose was to exchange views on the peculiarities of Ukrainian giving traditions and current trends in charitable activities in Ukraine.

During the seminar, participants discussed institutional aspects, government regulation, challenges, and priorities of systemic philanthropy.

The Podcast of Great Stories

In 2021, the Zagoriy Foundation released the second season of the Podcast of the Great Stories. We spoke with representatives of charitable foundations and organizations, shared experiences and plans for the future. Some guests are Olha Kudinenko, Olena Balbek, Daryna Brykaylo, and other non-profit sector representatives, who told interesting insights and heartfelt stories.

At the end of the year, we launched the third season of the Podcast, focusing on family giving and businesses. Each episode includes the opinions of the founders of charitable foundations and organizations and family business owners.

What will 2022 bring? We believe that even more exciting projects and Great Stories await us!